The Ultimate Packages

THIRA : named by the King “Thiras’’…Treat yourself like a King/Queen with “Mediterannean Olive Oil Treatment” (2 hour 30 min)

Escape the daily stress of life with our extraordinary Day of Pleasure. Your personal spa journey begins with a relaxing combination of steam, hammam and Jacuzzi followed by a Hydrotherapy Bath to banish all tension. Next, a stimulating “Full Body BASIL Scrub” using a blend of authentic natural ingredients gently elevates skin condition in preparation for an Essential Revitalizing Wrap with “Mediterranean Olive Mask’’ which is followed by a 45’ min Massage. A “Hydration Body Cream” will cover your body ,while a “Pure Essence Facial and Head Massage” will complete the ultimate journey…

SANTORINI : named by Venetians after the church of Santa Irina (1 hour 45 min)

Ideal for couples. Creating a new sense of intimacy as you share the experience of the luxurious treatments in spacious suite designed to ensure your complete physical, mental and spiritual comfort...Your harmonious journey of togetherness begins in a Private Hammam and Jacuzzi Bath followed by your choice of a gentle Body Scrub and a Full Body Massage...Ready to enjoy your Bottle of Champagne(MOET) and Fruitsalad to complete your romantic spa experience for TWO….

STROGGYLI : named by the Venetians after the Island’s Shape before the eruption (1 hour 15min)

One of the ideal choice for the woman beauty with “Pepper and Seaweed Treatment’’.. Anti-Cellulite massage works on different levels. Starting with a Slimming and Anti-cellulite Pomegranate Body Scrub which is a gentle body exfoliation that cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. Next step will be the Anti-cellulite Massage with Natural Oil to improve blood circulation, stimulate and firm the skin and enhance the renewal of cells .Black Pepper & Seaweed Mask and after Sage Floral Water to remove the mask so the skin will be ready for the Anti-Cellulite Body Cream .

KALLONI : named by the locals because of the Island’s Beauty (55 min)

A beauty choice for women and men with the ’’Natural Chocolate Treatment’’… Your journey to nourish, uplift and detox begins with a deep exfoliation with a Carob Body Scrub and a moisturizing Body Cream for Elasticity application after being wrapped with Carob & Honey Mask. You can combine this treatment with any massage of your choice.. (extra charge )

KAMMENI : volcanic origin located in the flooded caldera of Santorini.

This special body and face treatment is designed in two parts “Shea Butter”and “After Sun Oasis” ( 45 min each )